Aloe vera powder 200:1 concentrate 50g

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Freeze-dried Aloe Vera powder, potency 200: 1. That means every gram of dried powder is equivalent to 200 grams of raw inner leaf gel. For best results, add 0.5 teaspoon of powder to water, stir and drink on an empty stomach in the morning. This powder can also be added to smoothies. The taste is slightly sour.

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Freeze-dried Aloe Vera powder is a wonderful way to support your health. Read here about the many benefits.

Aloe Vera is one of the most powerful plants known in human history. It is a wonderful food supplement. It is one of the world’s oldest healing medicines and a wonderful natural antibiotic. Freeze-dried aloe vera powder is convenient way to get the most out of this amazing plant.

When consumed, aloe can do great miracles. It is known to cleanse the blood, reduce inflammation, relieve arthritis pain, prevent kidney stones, lower high cholesterol, slow down the spread of candida, increase physical endurance, benefit cardiovascular health and protect the body from oxidative stress. It also soothes ulcers, hemorrhoids, gastritis, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and other indigestion.

Aloe ensures recovery from fatigue and helps muscles function well, as well as optimizes the use of many vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Its alkaline nature helps relieve acidosis and alkalize the whole body. Aloe Vera powder is also ideal for the liver because it is rich in phytonutrients. It also gives a proper boost to your entire immune system.

Freeze-dried Aloe Vera powder extract 200:1 is 100% pure, with no additives. It contains antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes. It’s 200: 1 potency means every gram dried powder is equivalent to 200 grams of raw inner leaf gel.

Dose for adult:  800mg – 1.6 grams, or up to half a teaspoon per day.


Storage conditions

Keep the package at room temperature, protected from direct sunlight. Close the package properly after use. Texture may change upon exposure to moisture.

Centralsun Freeze-Dried Ale Vera Powder is 100% pure and vegan. Free of added sugars, gluten, GMOs.

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