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Lipo Naturals liposomal vitamin C 443ml


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Lipo Naturals Liposomal Vitamin C is the most powerful vitamin C you can take orally.

  • Pure unbuffered Vitamin C, free of artificial preservatives;
  • Lactose-free;
  • 6x more effective than regular vitamin C. Contains no artificial sweeteners;
  • Sodium-free – ultra-high bioavailability.
  • GMO, gluten and soy free;
  • Does not cause allergies;
  • BPA free packaging
  • True and tested liposomes!
  • 100% European and USA sourced ingredients – made in the USA.

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Why choose Lipo Naturals liposomal vitamin C?

The importance of vitamin C intake is much talked about, it is especially important during the autumn-winter period, but the question of which form of vitamin C is best for boosting immunity should not be overlooked. Pharmacy shelves are often overflowing with vitamin C tablets and capsules, so it’s hard to tell what to choose. But what makes liposomal vitamin C different from other forms of vitamin C and why choose liposomal vitamin C? Let’s find out!

Liposomal vitamin C is an effective immune booster

Vitamin C, which we can also get from fresh fruit and vegetables, is a vital antioxidant for the body’s immune system and it is also worth taking as a supplement from time to time. This is particularly important during virus season or when a cold is creeping up on you. Indeed, vitamin C is a powerful secret weapon in the fight against all kinds of viruses, helping to quickly wipe out any invaders. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. However, as the human body is unable to produce vitamin C on its own, we need to replenish our vitamin storage from external sources. It is therefore particularly important to ensure that the vitamin C we consume is of high quality, highly bioavailable and with pure composition.

Advantage of liposomal vitamin C over other forms of vitamin C

Lipo Naturals liposomal vitamin C is one of the forms of vitamin C that meets the criteria outlined above – it is pure in composition, easy on the stomach and highly absorbable, thus providing truly effective support for the immune system. The vitamin C molecules in liposomal vitamin C are encapsulated in protective liposomes, which ensure that vitamin C is not destroyed in the digestive tract and reaches the cells directly.

Liposomal vitamin C is needed for:

  • boosting the immune system;
  • maintaining youthful appearance and glow;
  • relieving tiredness and fatigue;
  • normal wound healing;
  • ensuring more efficient absorption of iron in the body;
  • Vitamin E production;
  • supporting normal functioning of the nervous system;
  • supporting cardiovascular health;
  • ensuring well-being of skin, hair and nails;
  • supporting normal functioning of gums, teeth, bones and connective tissue;

True liposomal supplementation delivers great results

Most products sold as ‘liposomal’ are not actually what they claim to be. The image below right is from a well-known product sold as “liposomal vitamin C”. In reality, it is ordinary powdered vitamin C mixed with lecithin and sold at a high price. It does not have the effect of a true liposomal formula. It is quite difficult to produce properly manufactured liposomal supplements. On the left is a microscopic view of Lipo Naturals. Liposomes, which are too small to be imaged with visible light, are imaged using extreme frequency UV light. Lipo Naturals liposomal vitamin C has undergone rigorous testing and quality control to ensure product efficacy. Lipo Naturals – quality that you can trust.

Liponaturals liposomal vitamin C liposoomne c vitamiin centralsun back 2

Smaller is not always better

Some competitors would have you believe that using the smallest liposome will give the greatest effectiveness. But this is wrong. It is necessary to use the right size liposomes. Because the lipid membrane of a liposome is the same thickness regardless of the size of the liposome, the ratio of supplement to lipid is optimised in the largest possible liposome that can be absorbed efficiently.

Lipo Naturals formulates liposome sizes that are optimized for our stomachs, carrying the maximum amount of absorbable supplement. This results in greater bioavailability per dose. Spray bottles designed for absorption through the oral mucosa with undersized liposomes that use sodium-buffered vitamin C cannot effectively provide the same bioavailability of the supplement per dose.

Your vitamin C should not come with a ton of sodium

Many brands of vitamin C and liposomal vitamin C use a sodium-buffered vitamin C called sodium ascorbate. While there sometimes are reasons why you might want to use this man-made buffered form of vitamin C, the reality is that if you take a lot of buffered vitamin C, you are also taking a lot of sodium with it.

Sodium ascorbate is much less effective than unbuffered pure vitamin C, called L-ascorbic acid. Mammals that produce vitamin C in their liver produce pure L-ascorbic acid, not sodium ascorbate. Tests show a difference: pure vitamin C shows a much higher bioavailability per mg compared to sodium ascorbate. Lipo Naturals designed the formula to use pure vitamin C – this ensures maximising the dose effect and keeping sodium out of the equation.

How to take liposomal vitamin C?

The recommended daily dose of liposomal vitamin C is 15ml, or 1 tablespoon, suitable for consumption with freshly squeezed orange or apple juice or neat. Whatever suits you best! It is also a good idea to shake the pack before each use. For best results, it is recommended to take liposomal vitamin C on an empty stomach, at least 5-10 minutes before eating.

Most clients notice a difference in health and well-being after just one month. This product is in liquid form, comes in a recloseable bag with a screw cap.

What to consider when taking Lipo Naturals liposomal vitamin C?

When you start taking vitamin C, you may feel a little drowsy for the first week, but there is nothing to worry about. It’s just a sign that your immune system is busy cleansing your body. You should feel normal within a week or so. Just make sure you drink plenty of water during this time and limit your alcohol intake.

How do I store liposomal vitamin C?

It is best to store liposomal vitamin C in the fridge after opening.

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Lipo Naturals liposomal vitamin C 443ml

  1. John Lee (verified owner)

    Recommend strongly

  2. Hella hanninen (verified owner)

    Love this

  3. Lisann (verified owner)

    My two-year-old was ill twice in a row. The first week with high fever, then a week later again high fever. As the New Years eve approached, I had a mission to heal her quickly. I started giving her Lipo Naturals vitamin C and liquid Zinc alternately 4 times a day and the next day she was well Wonderful product!

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