Goldenseal extract as an natural antibiotic

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Did you know that goldenseal, originally from North America, is so powerful that it even bears the title of natural antibiotic? In the United States, goldenseal is one of the five most widely used medicinal herbs and it is used to treat digestive problems and a wide range of infections. But what are the health benefits of goldenseal? Let’s take a closer look!

What is goldenseal?

Goldenseal is a small plant native to North America, with slightly hairy stems, tiny flowers, raspberry-like fruits and five sagging leaves. The root of the plant is bitter, bright yellow in colour, twisted and wrinkled. Although the plant originated in North America, goldenseal has gained worldwide popularity due to its healing properties. Because of its therapeutic properties, it is the yellowish root of the plant that is most commonly used to make various natural preparations.

What is goldenseal extract?

Goldenseal extract is a herbal extract infusion made by a traditional method and it has powerful healing properties. Epigenetics Golden Seal Extract, sold in Centralsun online shop, is made using organic goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) and a mixture of purified water and alcohol. The root of the plant has been soaked in the mixture in a traditional manner to allow the healing properties of the plant to slowly diffuse into the liquid, resulting in a dark brown liquid extract full of herbal power. After the procedure, the extract is bottled in special tincture bottles for easy and convenient use.

What are the health benefits of goldenseal?

With its powerful healing properties, goldenseal has been widely used in folk medicine for centuries. In America, goldenseal has even been included on the list of official medicinal recommendations. This powerful plant is known primarily as a natural antibiotic with powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties. It also provides a boost to the immune system and can be a great help in a variety of stomach ailments.

Goldenseal is packed with vitamins

Goldenseal is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as useful minerals such as calcium, iron and manganese. Thanks to its rich vitamin and mineral content, goldenseal provides your body with an effective stimulation and helps your immune system stay strong and resilient.

Goldenseal as a powerful natural antibiotic

Due to its powerful antibacterial properties, goldenseal has also earned the title of natural antibiotic. Goldenseal is rich in berberine, which is responsible for the healing properties. Berberine has a broad spectrum of antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic properties, which is why berberine is highly valued in antibacterial treatment.

Golden seal can be helpful for the following health problems:

  • respiratory infections, including bronchitis;
  • hay fever;
  • liver problems;
  • illnesses such as colds and flu;
  • haemorrhoids;
  • yeast;
  • urinary tract infections;
  • diarrhoea;
  • high blood pressure;
  • skin problems;
  • inflammatory bowel disease;
  • eye infections;
  • allergies;
  • food poisoning and stomach flu;
  • weakened immune system;
  • various inflammations in the body.

How to use golden seal?

Golden seal can be found in tincture, capsules or as dried crushed tea. However, it is the liquid tincture or extract that has the strongest effect, as it is the most concentrated in terms of active ingredients. Therefore, in case of health problems, it is worth reaching for the tincture first. The tincture can be taken in its natural form or mixed with a small amount of water or juice to make it more pleasant to drink.

Medical Medium advice

As golden seal extract is a potent preparation, Anthony William, the respected Medical Medium, recommends to take the golden seal preparations as a two-week course. This means that every two weeks you should take a two-week break from taking it, and then start again. This approach prevents the body from becoming overly accustomed to the product, and in this way the effectiveness and therapeutic effect of the product are maintained once it reaches the body.

When to look for help from golden seal tincture?

If you are struggling with any of the health concerns mentioned above, if you want to boost immunity or speed up recovery from illness, then the healing properties of golden seal may be just the thing. Therefore, it is definitely worth keeping a tincture of golden seal in your home pharmacy so that you can have the herbal remedy on hand in case of emergencies.

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