Coconut Bowl


Coconut bowl: 500 – 600 ml

Crafted by hand and environmentally friendly coconut bowls. A perfect gift for a person who loves nature and likes to serve food in a unique way.


Coconut Bowl

Our coconut bowls have been made by hand. The coconut shells have been polished so you can see their natural beauty. Coconut bowls are environmentally friendly and each bowl is unique and a bit different. Coconut bowls are ideal for smoothie bowls and desserts. They are also good for eating everything else – salad, fruits, snacks. The coconut bowl is also a great gift for someone who cares about the environment or loves to share their recipes on social media.

If you are looking for a bigger bowl then choose a Jumbo bowl that is larger. In our selection you can also find ebony wooden spoons and bamboo straws, which go well with coconut bowls.

Coconut bowl: 500 – 600 ml

Jumbo coconut bowl: 750-900 ml


Our Coconut bowls are made in Vietnam. No glue or ceiling has been used when making these bowls. Each bowl has a unique shape, size and pattern. Coconut bowls should be washed by hand and should not be left to soak in water for long periods of time or they can crack. Coconut bowls also don’t like high temperatures. Use coconut bowls for cold or warm food, or let the food cool down before you want to serve for example curry or soup in a coconut bowl. Do not put the coconut bowl in the refrigerator, dishwasher or microwave. This is to keep the bowls looking beautiful and strong for a long time.

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