Vimergy MSM with Silica + Calcium – 120 capsules


Bone health can play a big role in shaping our quality of life. Vimergy MSM enriched with silica and calcium is a unique formula designed to support the health of your bones, hair and nails. Each capsule contains 780mg of pure MSM, 25mg of silica (from bamboo stem extract) and 25mg of calcium (from Atlantic algae).

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Vimergy MSM with Silica + Calcium – 120 capsules

Vimergy MSM with silica and calcium uses the OptiMSM® process to ensure the purity and quality of MSM. OptiMSM is the only MSM purified through a proprietary multi-step distillation process. This process removes all impurities and results in a consistent quality, extremely pure form of MSM. OptiMSM is the only GRAS (generally recognised as safe) MSM available on the market.

Msm with Silica and Calcium:

  • May support healthy bones
  • May boost hair and nail health
  • Each capsule contains 780mg MSM, 25mg silicon and 25mg calcium.
  • GMO-free, gluten-free, kosher, soy-free, corn-free, vegan and paleo-friendly.
  • Free from citric acid, gelatine, silicon dioxide and additives.


Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM), calcium, silicon, hypromellose (capsule).

Daily Dose 1 Capsule Contains

Calcium (from calcified Lithothamnion sp. algae) – 25mg – 3.125%*.

OptiMSM® methylsulphonylmethane – 780 mg.

Silica (from bamboo stem extract) – 25 mg.

* % of Daily Reference Intake (% NRV – Nutritional Reference Value).

Recommended Daily Intake

1 capsule 1-2 times daily. 120 doses per jar.

Additional Information

  • Do not use in case of sulphur allergy.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
  • Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet. In case of pregnancy, breast-feeding, medication or health problems, consult a doctor or healthcare professional before use.
  • In the event of any reaction, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.
  • Keep the product in a dark, cool place out and of the reach of children.
  • The product is non-alcoholic, organic and suitable for vegans.
  • It does not contain citric acid, bulking agents or artificial additives.
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