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Organic Kombu (Laminaria Digitata) 125g


Organic Atlantic Kombu is dried at low temperatures, below 35 degrees. This preserves all its useful properties. Due to its salty taste, sea salad flakes is wonderful to add to salads, soups, sandwiches and other recipes. Due to its beneficial properties, Kombu flakes are also added to smoothies to support your body with necessary minerals.

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In stock

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Shipping DHL & Dpd
Europe, US, Australia
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Organic Kombu seaweed (Laminaria Digitata)

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals – B1, B2, B3, B12, iron, potassium, iodine, calcium, fiber, and protein + over 50 other minerals
  • Contains fucoidan which protects against radiation
  • Regulates the thyroid gland and aids digestion
  • Pulls heavy metals out of the body
  • A great source of iron and vitamin B12
  • Antiviral properties
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antibacterial properties against E. coli and staphylococci
  • Cholesterol reduction
  • Stimulation of the immune system
  • Prevents Alzheimer’s disease
  • Helps with wound healing

KOMBU also contains:

  • Beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant and it helps the body synthesize vitamin A. Taurine is an amino acid used to maintain the body’s regular functions, including the nervous system.
  • Fucoidan is a polysaccharide that reduces hyperplasia or rapid cell replication.
  • Laminar is another polysaccharide that is a glucose-based carbohydrate – a great source of energy.
  • Mannitol is a low-calorie sugar substitute that reduces the swelling of cells in the kidneys and brain.
  • Fucoxanthin helps speed up metabolism. Iodine is a vital mineral in the production of hormones in the thyroid gland that help regulate many aspects of our health.
  • Calcium is a very important mineral for both bone development and circulatory function. Magnesium is a mineral that is critical not only for bone growth but also for maintaining a healthy acid/alkaline balance in the digestive tract.
  • Iron is a mineral that increases the ability of cells to carry oxygen, thereby improving overall health and living.


Storage conditions

Keep the package at room temperature, protected from direct sunlight. Close the package properly after use.

Centralsun Organic Kombu is 100% pure and vegan. Free of added sugars, gluten, GMOs.

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