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Butterfly Pea flowers 25g


  • Butterfly pea flowers are used to create beautiful teas, lattes, lemonade as well as baked foods and desserts. 
  • These flowers will add an appealing royal/indigo/mauve/electric blue color to your dishes.
  • Let’s take a closer look at this spunky plant!

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Butterfly Pea Flowers 25g

A Holy Flower with Purple-Blue Blossoms

Butterfly Pea is a plant growing in tropical climates, especially in Asia. The attractive deep blue blossoms of butterfly pea have been used for hundreds of years in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, particularly as a remedy that may improve memory and brain function. Butterfly pea may be effective in improving circulation and supporting eye health. In addition, this amazing plant also may nourish the skin and hair, making it a common ingredient in beauty products.

Butterfly Pea flower is a remarkable natural ingredient that offers a host of nutritional benefits. Here’s why incorporating Butterfly Pea flowers into your routine can be a nourishing choice:

  1. Youthful Skin: The antioxidants present in Butterfly Pea flowers stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential for maintaining the skin’s elasticity and preventing premature aging. By including Butterfly Pea flowers in your diet, you can help keep your skin looking young and vibrant.
  2. Immune System Support: With its high antioxidant content, Butterfly Pea flowers can help support your body’s natural defense mechanisms and boost the immune system. Antioxidants play a crucial role in neutralizing harmful free radicals and protecting cells from damage, ultimately enhancing overall immune health.
  3. Cardiovascular Health: The anthocyanins found in Butterfly Pea flowers have been associated with supporting cardiovascular health. These compounds may help reduce the risk of heart disease by promoting healthy blood circulation and maintaining the integrity of blood vessels.
  4. Radiant Skin and Alleviating Skin Problems: Butterfly Pea flowers have been traditionally used to maintain skin health and address various skin issues. Their beneficial properties can help alleviate skin problems and contribute to a radiant and beautiful complexion.
  5. Cognitive Function and Anxiety Reduction: Research suggests that Butterfly Pea flowers may have positive effects on cognitive function and concentration. Additionally, they possess calming properties that can help reduce anxiety and promote a sense of relaxation.

Luminous Indigo Color!

Butterfly Pea is known for its vivid indigo color. The flower blossoms have been dried and can be added to smoothie tea or used for many other recipes to create blue lattes, pancakes, your favourite desserts and baked foods. Butterfly pea is rather neutral in flavour and will not dominate your food. A comparison can be made with green tea, as this is what butterfly pea tastes like. It is awesome to dye food using natural ingredients!

Butterfly Pea Is a Truly Magic Plant! 

The plant is PH-sensitive and reacts with acidic liquids. When in contact with hot water, the result is a cobalt blue tea drink. If you squeeze in lemon juice, however, the drink turns purple. However, if you add hibiscus petals to the drink, it turns it fuchsia pink. The drink turns from pink back to blue when in contact with baking soda. Just add a gram of soda and the blue colour is back! Using these tips, you can make wonderful meals and drinks, adding a splash of colour to your everyday life!

Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

If you would like to spice up your favourite drink or meal, butterfly pea flowers are exactly the right choice for it! Butterfly pea can be used to garnish practically any meal or drink.

Storage Conditions

Keep the package at room temperature, protected from direct sunlight. Close the package properly after use. Texture may change upon exposure to moisture.

Centralsun Butterfly Pea flowers are 100% pure and vegan. Free of additives, gluten, GMOs

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