Why prefer herbal medicine?

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The power of plants has been harnessed in natural medicine for centuries for healing purposes. Medicinal herbs and other natural remedies with healing properties are in the spotlight. But when to turn to them, and which plants to turn to for healing?

Let’s find out more – what is herbal medicine and how did it start?

Medicinal plants have been used for centuries. It is believed that the use of plants began primarily as a way of flavouring food, and that they were later used for medicinal purposes. The earliest references to the healing properties of medicinal plants date back more than 5,000 years to the discovery of the healing powers of caraway, laurel and thyme. The earliest records of Chinese herbalism date back to the 3rd century BC, and the first study of medicinal plants in Europe dates back to the 1st century BC, when it was carried out by the Greek pharmacologist Dioscorides. However, the oldest written sources on medicinal plants in Estonia date back to the 17th century. Even today, medicinal herbs are still highly valued and have a place in folk medicine and natural medicine.

What are medicinal plants? 

Medicinal plants are plants containing bioactive natural compounds with healing properties. Medicinal plants are effective in preventing and treating diseases. Medicinal plants include roots, tubers, flowers, fruits, bark, herbs, as well as preparations made from other plant parts. Plants are mostly consumed raw, dried or in extract form. For therapeutic purposes, only those parts of the plant with the highest content of bioactive substances are used. 

When to seek help from natural remedies?

If you’re struggling with weakened immunity, colds or any chronic health conditions, it’s definitely worth giving herbal remedies a try. Sometimes, especially for more serious health conditions, the results may not be immediate, but it’s worth being patient and letting the herbal power work its magic. It is also useful to keep herbal remedies in the cupboard as a prophylactic in case colds, stomach aches or digestive problems sneak up on you. In the same way, herbs have the ability to loosen sputum, reduce fever and soothe pain. In case of antiviral remedies such as thyme, ginger and liquorice root, they can also help in the fight against viruses. It’s worth remembering that herbs in their pure form can often be even more powerful than those found on pharmacy shelves. 

Which medicinal herbs can be found in Centralsun’s e-shop? 

To give you the best possible way to boost your health in every way, you can now find a wide range of medicinal herbs in our online shop. Among others, you will find: 

Anti-inflammatory ginger powder capsules, which, thanks to the gingerols they contain, are helpful for both digestive problems and inflammations. In addition, ginger helps to keep the immune system strong and also helps to relieve pain.

With its antibacterial properties, cinnamon powder capsules help with diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting and other digestive disorders. In addition, cinnamon improves blood circulation and is also helpful in the prevention of coronary artery disease.

Nervous system-supporting ashwagandha powder capsules are helpful for treating various neurological symptoms, such as chronic nerve pain and migraines, as well as fighting allergies.

Liquorice root powder capsules with antiviral properties are an effective remedy for respiratory tract infections as well as various viral diseases, thanks to its glycyrrhizin content.

Anti-inflammatory and antifungal capsules of turmeric and black pepper help to regulate the menstrual cycle, treat gastrointestinal disorders and reduce inflammation caused by autoimmune diseases, for example.  

Intestinal health is supported by cumin powder capsules, which help with constipation, nausea and bloating. In addition, cumin also helps to reduce the risk of stomach, colon and liver tumours.

Capsules of the true miracle drug, Korean ginseng extract powder, help boost energy levels, increase stamina and restore libido. Ginseng also helps to improve memory and concentration and to balance the endocrine system.

Anti-viral and anti-bacterial thyme powder capsules are used in case of upper respiratory tract, throat and digestive problems. In addition, thyme also harbours antiseptic and antibacterial properties that support the healing process following illness.

Liver health is supported by capsules of milk thistle extract powder, which are helpful in the treatment of gallbladder disorders, headaches, and PMS, as well as cirrhosis, Parkinson’s disease, osteoarthritis and other autoimmune diseases. In addition, milk thistle helps to protect the liver from environmental toxins and other chemicals.

Vitamin- and mineral-rich Tulsi or Holy Basil powder capsules, which boost immunity, support heart health and protect the body from a variety of infections. Tulsi also has anti-cancer properties.

Amla powder capsules fight urinary tract infections and, thanks to their high content of vitamin C and antioxidants, have an excellent ability to strengthen the immune system and protect the body from chronic diseases. In addition, amla also harbours anti-inflammatory properties, providing support in cases of autoimmune diseases.

Vitamin C-rich Moringa powder capsules are helpful to aid in cases of diabetes, inflammation, joint pain and various infections. Moringa provides the body with antioxidants and vitamin C, protecting cells from damage and boosting the body’s overall resistance.

Parsley powder capsules reduce water retention and help in cases of urinary tract infections, kidney stones, digestive disorders, asthma, dehydration, osteoarthritis, anaemia, high blood pressure, prostate and bladder disorders. In addition, parsley is an excellent remedy for menstrual disorders.

The almighty forces of nature will always lend a helping hand, both in the prevention and treatment of health problems – if only we allow it! 

How are herbal capsules sold in Centralsun’s e-shop different from others? 

The manufacturer of the capsules sold in our e-shop is iso 22 000 certified and all capsules are made using only 100% natural ingredients. All plant capsules are free of herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals, offering only the pure chemical-free power from nature. Of course, all capsules are also free from GMOs, flavours and are suitable for vegans. The capsules contain only dried and powdered medicinal herbs covered in a vegetable cellulose shell.
If you feel you would like to revitalise your body with herbal infusions, order the herbal capsules that are just right for you conveniently HERE. 

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