Freeze-dried sea buckthorn powder as the perfect source of vitamins

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Freeze-dried sea buckthorn powder, with its pleasantly sweet and tangy flavour, is the perfect addition to refreshing breakfast cereals and exciting desserts. Blend it into a cake mix, sprinkle it over yoghurt or even decorate a raw cake – just let your imagination run wild! But the beautiful colour and pleasant taste are not the only things that make sea buckthorn powder so irresistible. What is the real secret weapon of sea buckthorn powder? Let’s take a closer look!

Sea buckthorn as one of the most vitamin-rich berries in the world.

Sea buckthorn has been used in folk medicine as a healing remedy from ancient times and is still valued today. High in protein, fibre and antioxidants, sea buckthorn berries are considered one of the most nutrient-rich foods in the world. These tiny yellowish-orange berries, which resemble wild blueberries in size, contain 12 times more vitamin C than oranges, and hide at least 190 different bioactive compounds, all of which are readily absorbed by the body. Amongst other things, sea buckthorn also contains vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B15, plus vitamins K and E with carotenoids. In addition, sea buckthorn is rich in choline, flavonoids, coumarin, essential oils and a wide range of minerals. Sea buckthorn plant as a whole has a very wide range of medicinal uses, including the berries, juice, freeze-dried powder, leaves, peel and seed oil. However, it is the special orange berries of the plant that have the most healing properties.

What else does sea buckthorn have to offer?

The perfect nutritional profile of sea buckthorn provides the body with truly powerful support for everything from colds to cancers and skin problems. But there’s even more:

An excellent aid for weight problems.

Sea buckthorn is also a great aid for weight problems by preventing fat storage. In addition, the beneficial fibres in the berries have a digestive effect, supporting the intestinal tract, thereby speeding up metabolism. If you’re struggling with weight, it’s definitely worth giving sea buckthorn a try.

A solution to nagging digestive problems

Thanks to its rich content of omega fatty acids, sea buckthorn berries offer relief from a variety of digestive problems. The omega fatty acid complex in sea buckthorn berries is truly rich, with an excellent ratio of omega-3, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids. Sea buckthorn also contributes to tissue regeneration, making it an excellent complementary treatment for intestinal ulcers, stomach and duodenal ulcers and anal fistulas.

An effective boost to immunity

Sea buckthorn stimulates the immune system and boosts hormone levels. Sea buckthorn and the powder made from its juicy berries are an excellent means of boosting the body’s overall resistance, providing effective relief from flu and other colds. If you feel a cold coming on, grab a handful of the berries immediately or mix a few spoonfuls of freeze-dried powder into a smoothie. That’s a quick way to ward off the bad guys!

Why choose freeze-dried sea buckthorn powder?

Freeze-dried sea buckthorn powder is made from ripe berries that are freeze-dried at a very low temperature (below 42 degrees), leaving all the vitamins and minerals in the powder. During the whole process, only most of the water is removed from the berries (around 98%) to prevent the growth of bad bacteria and ensure a long shelf life. The result is a berry powder that is up to 90% lighter but highly nutritious. As the powder is much more concentrated and therefore many times more nutritious, just a few spoonfuls are enough to provide the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals. What’s more, this way, the juicy sea buckthorn is always handy to have on hand in the off-season and during the winter.

What can be made from good sea buckthorn powder?

Freeze-dried sea buckthorn powder is perfect for making smoothies, raw cakes, desserts, drinks and other healthy treats. It also makes a deliciously sweet and tangy addition to home-made raw bars, yoghurt and porridge. Or, for a health boost, mix sea buckthorn powder into raw honey and sip the rich mixture straight from the spoon.

RECOMMENDATION: Store the powder in its original packaging and always make sure that the package is closed properly to prevent moisture from entering. Exposure to moisture may cause the powder to change texture and become lumpy.

Where can I find sea buckthorn powder?

Organic and 100% natural freeze-dried sea buckthorn powder is well established in Centralsun’s range of berry powders and can be conveniently found in our online shop. Sea buckthorn powder is free from added sugars, gluten and GMOs. It is also naturally free from additives and other unnecessary substances. All that’s waiting for you in the packet is a pure, natural berry powder packed with vitamins, ready for immediate use.

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