Freeze dried black goji powder 100g


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Freeze-dried black goji powder – 100% pure berry powder, without any additives!


Black Goji berries are only available wild and harvested by natives living in the Qinghai province high on the Tibetan plateau. Black Goji contains the highest concentration of OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins). They are a group of powerful antioxidant compounds. OPC is known to fight damages caused by free radicals and make blood vessels more elastic. Black Goji berries are really good for your eyesight and help to repair sun-damaged skin cells.

Some more useful properties –

  • Powerful antioxidants which are important for feeling and looking youthful.
  • Calm the nerves and improve the sleeping quality.
  • Improve eyesight.
  • Lower cholesterol, lose weight.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Nourish liver and kidney, normalize blood pressure.
  • Boost immunity and effective in anti-fatigue.
  • Is effective to serve as a Chinese medicine ingredient for heart disease.

This berry powder will take your recipes to another level. It truly is a superfood for your health.

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Freeze Dried Black Goji Powder 100g