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Liquid zinc (zinc sulphate) – 100ml


Epigenetics liquid zinc sulphate – the best absorbable form of zinc, convenient to take orally. Pure zinc sulphate with no additives:

  • preservative-free;
  • gluten, lactose and soy-free;
  • alcohol-free;
  • GMO-free;
  • suitable for vegans;
  • allergy-free;
  • packaged in special tincture bottles made of purple Miron glass, which protects the product from the damaging effects of light;
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom (UK) to GMP ISO 9001:2015 standards;
  • FDA approved.

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In stock

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Shipping DHL & Dpd
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The advantage of zinc sulphate also known as Liquid zinc over other forms: why should you prefer it?

Zinc can be found in a range of supplements in different forms and shapes, from tablets to capsules. It can also be found in multivitamin complexes and enriched with other vitamin minerals. However, not all forms are created equal and zinc-enriched multivitamin mixes equally effective. The advantage of zinc sulphate over the other forms is specifically that it is highly absorbable – it is absorbed by the body exactly where it is needed. When consumed regularly, zinc sulphate in liquid form can provide excellent support in maintaining the body’s zinc reserves and preventing zinc deficiency.

100% pure formula

Epigenetics liquid zinc sulphate is free from additives and has no added citric acid, alcohol or other unnecessary toxic additives. In addition to zinc sulphate, the bottle contains only pure distilled water. The product has been tested and approved by the FDA. 

Zinc sulphate is necessary: 

  • to strengthen and maintain the body’s resilience;
  • for strong bones;
  • to protect cell health;
  • for normal metabolism of macronutrients;
  • for good eyesight;
  • to support the digestive system;
  • in case of viral diseases;
  • for liver support;
  • for healthy nails and hair;
  • for normal thyroid function.

How to use Epigenetics Zinc Sulphate? 

The manufacturer’s recommended daily dose is 10 drops with water or juice. Zinc can also be taken at breakfast if desired. Zinc sulphate is packaged in a glass tincture bottle, which can be conveniently added to a small amount of water or juice using the pipette provided. 

How to store zinc sulphate correctly? 

It is best to keep the bottle in a dry and cool place, out of direct sunlight. Epigenetics liquid zinc sulphate has a shelf life of 6 months after first opening. 



Purified water, zinc sulphate.
Amount per daily dose:
Zinc 10 mg (from zinc sulphate).


10 drops per day



Store in the fridge after opening and consume within 6 months.
Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet.
In case of pregnancy, breast-feeding, medication or health problems, consult a doctor before use.
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