Freeze-dried passion fruit powder – a wonderful addition to a smoothie

passionfruit smoothie bowl

Exotic passion fruit or Passiflora is gaining increasing popularity for its tropical taste and high vitamin contents, both abundant in this seemingly tiny fruit. Let us dive into the world of tropical flavors and take a closer look at the possibilities with passion fruit powder!

What is passion fruit? 

Passionfruit can be mainly found in South and Central America, Brazil, Australia, Hawaii and Asia, all year round. It can be yellow, red, purple or green in color. The dark-seeded pith hidden in a harder sort of rind is crunchy, sweet-and-sour and juicy. Its flavor reminds of strawberry, pineapple and orange – all at the same time! The pith is perfect for various desserts, pastries, salads, cocktails as well as freezing and freeze-drying. Else you can just eat it directly from the rind with a spoon. A ripe fruit can be recognized by its wrinkled rind. A smooth rind signals of a raw fruit. The more wrinkled the rind, the riper the fruit. A raw fruit ripens in about a week at room temperature. Stored in a cool place it keeps for three to four weeks. The passion fruit powder sold in the Centralsun e-shop has been prepared from ripe fruits and it tastes divine!

A real tropical superfood

Passionfruit is rich in vitamins C and A, it contains iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium as well as copper, thus making it a healthy food for the heart, balanced blood pressure and even more important – it can boost your immunity. In addition, passionfruit is loaded with antioxidants, helpful for inflammation control as well as regulation of blood supply. The fruit is also abundant in fiber! Fiber is essential for prevention of constipation and general regulation of digestion, thereby soothing your health and catering for your overall wellbeing.

Passion fruit is also good for: 

  • Supporting your skin health;
  • diminishing anxiety;
  • strengthening your bones;
  • improving your sleep;
  • controlling weight.

Passion fruit powder – why not the fresh fruit?

The biggest advantage of freeze-dried powders is the abundance of nutrients preserved, ease of use and long shelf life. The powders are made from ripe fruits – thus you will always have a nice, tropical, sweet and sour taste.  Freeze-drying is performed at lowest possible temperature (below -40 degrees), which minimizes the destruction of heat-sensitive nutrients. In the process of freeze-drying, the flavor and color of the fruit are preserved in addition to the nutrients, which means that the freeze-dried fruits as well as powders made from them are equivalent to fresh fruit. Freeze-dried powders have a long shelf-life and there is no fear of spoilage since water removal from the raw material prevents growth of bacteria. Freeze-dried raw material is highly concentrated and thanks to this it has a stronger taste than the fresh fruit does. Even a small quantity is enough to give an exotic flavor to your food as well as give your body the necessary vitamins and minerals. A whole package will really last a long time!

Miraculously delicious passion fruit powder – how to use it?

Exotic passion fruit is an ideal match for tropical smoothies, smoothie bowls, ice-creams, cocktails as well as pastries and why not even sauces. The sweet and sour fruit gives a pleasant tropical flavor and exotic yellowish tone to foods, transforming them into delicatessen. It is really simple to use the powders – just add a few spoonfuls to your smoothie or mix into a dessert, cocktail or salad to your liking, enjoy! Store the powders at room temperature, in tightly closed containers, protected from direct sunlight. This way the powders preserve their texture and will not clump.

Give it a try! Make an exotic smoothie bowl for example! For this you will need:

  • 1 ripe banana
  • a handful of mango cubes (fresh or frozen)
  • a handful of pineapple cubes (fresh or frozen)
  • 1-2 tbsp freeze-dried passion fruit powder
  • ½ glass of water or coconut water (if you want a thinner smoothie add more liquid)
  • freeze-dried passion fruit (optional) cubes

Directions: place all ingredients in a blender and blend until you have a silky smoothie. Pour the smoothie blend into a bowl and decorate to your liking – adding berries, pineapple slices, coconut slices and freeze-dried passion fruit cubes.

Centralsun freeze-dried passion fruit powder and cubes are 100% pure and vegan. No sugars, gluten or GMO!  

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