How to make a tropical smoothie? + RECIPE

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Is one of those sunny, bright and zesty yellow smoothies missing from your daily routine? We have a solution! To help you whip up a truly tropical smoothie, we’ve got some great tips and suggestions! Are you ready?

The key ingredient in a tropical smoothie – freeze-dried pineapple powder

You could say that the pineapple is the king of tropical fruits – both for its gorgeous appearance, golden yellow flesh and tangy flavour. While pineapple is also great in salads, juices and desserts, there’s no getting around a tropical smoothie! To bring out the best of the tropical pineapple, freeze-dried pineapple powder is the perfect for smoothies for a number of reasons. Freeze-dried pineapple powder has a sweet and tangy flavour, so it adds a nice tropical touch to your smoothie, taking you to a world of tropical flavours from the comfort of your own home. Because the freeze-dried powder is dehydrated, it preserves for a long time, allowing you to whip up one delicious yellow smoothie just when you want it. What’s more, freeze-dried pineapple powder guarantees a great taste experience every time because only the best, ripe fruits end up in the package! Also, unlike fresh pineapple, freeze-dried pineapple powder does not leave the mucous membranes of your mouth or your tongue tender, so you can enjoy it without discomfort

Pineapple powder as a vitamin C bomb
Tropical pineapple pulp is a powerful source of vitamin C, making it an excellent immune booster. Thanks to its combination of bromelain and vitamin C, pineapple can effectively treat both sinus problems and swelling caused by allergies by reducing mucus in the throat and nasal mucous membranes. In addition, pineapple and the freeze-dried powder made from it are also a powerful remedy for colds, eliminating pathogens quickly, thanks to its high vitamin C content!
In addition, freeze-dried pineapple powder is also helpful: 
  • in case of stress. B-group vitamins such as vitamin B6 and folate, or vitamin B9, found in pineapple, increase the body’s ability to cope with stress effectively .
  • in case of blood pressure issues. Due to its high potassium content, pineapple helps keep your blood pressure stable. As potassium has a vasodilating effect, it helps to relieve tension in the blood vessels.
  • in the presence of intestinal problems. An enzyme in pineapple called bromelain helps you to care for your gut health by supporting digestion. Bromelain breaks down proteins into amino acids, making them easier to digest.
Why choose freeze-dried pineapple powder?
Freeze-dried powder is practically equivalent to fresh fruit. The main difference is that the freeze-drying process removes the water from the raw material. This is primarily for preservation purposes. As approximately 98% of the water is removed from the freeze-dried product, this helps to prevent the growth of bad bacteria, extending the shelf life of the product. However, the freeze-drying process is carried out at a very low temperature (below 40 degrees), which means that all the nutrients are retained and nothing is lost. Because freeze-dried powder is much more concentrated than fresh fruit, just a few spoonfuls are enough to give a smoothie the perfect tropical taste and plenty of nutritional value.
How to make a tropical smoothie? 
The key to a good tropical smoothie is undoubtedly its creamy texture and zesty yellow colour. However, to make it as silky as possible, a banana, mango or ripe avocado is the perfect addition. Next in importance is, of course, coconut! Coconut milk, coconut cream or even coconut water – anything goes! Coconut adds a particularly nice tropical touch to the smoothie, and it also goes well with pineapple. But when it is time to give the smoothie a finishing touch, generously add a big spoonful, or several, freeze-dried pineapple powder. If you want a slightly more liquid texture, you can also add a dash of water or some more tropical fruit juice. Blend until smooth, pour into a glass and enjoy immediately! If you like, you can also add ice and a few slices of fruit to garnish.
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To inspire you a little more, here’s another deliciously tropical smoothie recipe to take you on a real tropical adventure!
Tropical yellow smoothie: 
yellow smoothie kollane troopiline smuuti centralsun
Instructions: Place all the ingredients in a blender and process until smooth. Enjoy immediately! If you prefer a smoothie bowl then add your favourite toppings.
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