Freeze dried dragonfruit slices 30g


146.66/ kg

These freeze dried dragonfruit slices are a perfect healthy snack. No additives, just pure fruit!


What does freeze-drying mean?

During this process, the food product is fast-frozen after which the ice crystals formed by freezing are slowly removed in a vacuum. This drying-method keeps 98% of the food product’s nutritional value and it tastes and smells exactly as it does fresh. The freeze-dried food product retains all the main characteristics such as color, shape, size, taste, texture as well as nutrients. Depending on the type of packaging, freeze-dried foods have a shelf life of up to 25 years. The products do not require any additives for preservation and therefore the result is much healthier than other drying methods. By way of comparison, only about 50-60% of the nutritional value is retained during dehydration. Freeze-dried food is considered raw food because the process takes place below 40C. To better understand the price of the product, it should be noted that 1 kg of freeze-dried Pitaya requires about 15 kg of fresh Pitaya fruits.

Dragon fruit is considered a super fruit due to its high content of antioxidants. The dragon fruit is highly praised by Anthony Williams aka “Medical Medium” who writes more about the useful properties of the dragon fruit in his book “Liver Rescue”. In addition to being rich in antioxidants, Pink Pitaya freeze-dried powder is also rich in vitamin C which supports skin health, and vitamins B1, B2 and B3 which help to convert nutrients into energy. As freeze-dried Pitaya is high in fiber but low in sugar, it is very supportive of digestion. Anthony also writes that the anti-inflammatory abilities of the dragon fruit help in arthritis and strengthen the immune system.

So how does dragon fruit help the liver? According to Anthony, red dragon fruits help heal the liver with their abundance of antioxidants. He writes in his book “Liver Rescue” that when you eat foods rich in antioxidants, your liver reacts, and it can heal scar tissue and other damaged tissues. This healing and softening of tissues through antioxidants allows new cells to grow and the liver to heal. This in turn means better health for the whole body.

Although freeze-dried dragon fruit does not have the most antioxidants of all the fruits, Anthony is convinced that this fruit is the best superfood for your liver. As this helps your liver to produce cells faster, the liver regenerates. This is the source of eternal youth for the liver, slowing and then stopping the aging of it.

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Freeze Dried Dragonfruit Slices 30g