10 healthy snacks that support your adrenal glands


It is absolutely vital for your health to have a healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables. Here are some ideas for healthy snacks.

When your blood sugar drops and your liver’s glucose supplies are low or absent, as most people do, your adrenal glands are forced to produce excess adrenaline to compensate for the glucose. This is a corrosive adrenaline that depletes your adrenal glands and puts a strain on your liver and nervous system. If you already have a disease or symptom such as acne, eczema, heartburn, bloating, weight gain, thyroid problems, diabetes, fibromyalgia, sclerosis, addictions, eating disorders, fibroids, cysts, menstrual pain, migraine, autoimmune diseases, Raynaud’s disease , endometriosis, thinning and loss of hair, an autoimmune condition or any other condition, your adrenal glands need support to prevent the release of unnecessary adrenaline, which can worsen your symptoms or, what’s even worse, cause new ones.

Eating a nutritious and healthy snack or meal in every hour and a half that contains the right balance of glucose, sodium and potassium that your body needs will prevent your blood sugar from falling so that your adrenal glands wouldn’t release excess adrenaline. In turn, you save the adrenal glands as well as the liver and pancreas and prevent the unpleasant problems caused by this corrosive toxic adrenaline. By eating the right foods throughout the day, you will keep yourself and your adrenal glands healthy so that you would feel as good and healthy as possible.

The following 10 snacks are extremely easy to prepare and pack-to-go, and you can also prepare them a few days in advance, so that you can have a healthy snack on hand even on a busy days.

1. Light salad of apples, celery and dates
2. Salad with orange, avocado and spinach
3. Simple salad of dates, bananas and romaine lettuce
4. Coconut water, banana and spinach salad
5. Delicious salad of pears, mache and berries
6. Berries with honey and celery juice as a side
7. Salad of apples, dates and kale
8. Banana, grapes and read leaf lettuce salad
9. Snack plate of cauliflower, apples and cucumber
10. Watermelon with lime juice and celery juice as a side

This information is based on Medical Medium Anthony William’s knowledge.

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