Give your body a reset: perform a cleansing detox course

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What is detox? Why carry out a cleansing course? How to start? In the following post, you will get answers to these questions and find out why you should definitely do a cleansing course a couple of times a year!

Let’s start from the beginning: What is detox?

Although the body cleans itself consistently on its own, our organs do need an extra boost from time to time, because this is the only way they can function as they should. Starting with a detox is the first step. Detox or cleansing is the process of safe elimination of toxins, food particles and various pathogens that have accumulated in the body. This is essential and necessary for our body to stay healthy and energetic. Body cleansing also supports the work of the intestines and improves digestion, being an effective help in case of weight problems.

Restart your body and give it a break from heavy food!

Just as we ourselves need a rest from time to time, so do our organs. Heavy and fatty foods, sugary treats, environmental pollution and pathogens all leave their mark on our bodies, putting a quite heavy burden on our organs. A detox course is the best way to support, clean and restore your body’s natural balance. Here are 5 reasons why you should do a detox at least once a year:

1) Better health

Getting rid of accumulated toxins in the body helps to reduce inflammation, creating an unfavourable environment for pathogens.

2) Stronger immunity

When your body is free of toxins and full of vitamins, you stay healthier and stronger all year round and are less susceptible to diseases.

3) Higher energy levels

Higher levels of vitamins in the body promote an increase in energy levels and in overall endurance.

4) Better sleep

Body cleansing has a calming effect on the nervous and hormonal systems, promoting a deeper night’s sleep.

5) Healthier skin

The skin is a direct reflection of our internal environment – the cleaner and healthier our body is, the healthier and more vibrant our skin will be.

How can you start a detox?

Here are some recommendations for a simple at-home body cleansing:

  • Start your mornings with room temperature lemon water, plant- based and fat-free food;
  • Add plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to the menu, avoid meat and other animal products;
  • Enrich the menu with superfoods that support the cleansing processes.

Foods to add to the menu during cleansing:

  • spirulina;
  • barley juice powder;
  • dulse;
  • wild blueberries or freeze-dried blueberry powder;
  • coriander or freeze-dried coriander powder;
  • apples and pears;
  • banana;
  • Brussels sprouts;
  • papaya;
  • pineapple;
  • peaches;
  • oranges and freshly squeezed orange juice;
  • ginger;
  • turmeric;
  • beetroot;
  • spinach and other leafy vegetables;
  • lemon;
  • cucumber;
  • tomato;
  • zucchini;
  • watermelon and melon;
  • onion and garlic;
  • celery and its juice;
  • dates.

RECIPE RECOMMENDATION: Medical Medium heavy metal detox smoothie

If you want to get rid of heavy metals, be sure to add a heavy metal detox smoothie to your menu – it is not only healthy, but is extremely delicious! The Medical Medium Heavy Metal Smoothie has been designed so that all the ingredients in it work synergistically together, flushing toxic heavy metals safely out of deep tissues. For the smoothie you need:

  • 2 ripe bananas;
  • 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice;
  • 2 cups of wild blueberries (fresh or frozen) or 2-3 teaspoons of freeze-dried wild blueberry powder (available HERE);
  • a handful of fresh coriander or 1 tablespoon of freeze-dried coriander powder, which can be found HERE;
  • 1 tsp of barley grass juice powder (buy HERE);
  • 1 tsp of spirulina powder (buy HERE);
  • 1-2 tsp of dulse flakes (buy HERE);
  • water (optional).

Preparation: Blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth and drink immediately.

Avoid during detox:

  • vinegar;
  • refined sugar;
  • processed ready meals;
  • oil;
  • nuts and seeds;
  • dairy products and other animal products;
  • salt consumption – salt stops the cleansing process;
  • alcohol;
  • coffee and caffeinated drinks.

Medical Medium morning cleansing

If you are not comfortable with longer cleanses, a morning cleansing may be right for you. It does not require much effort and is not excessively time consuming. A morning cleanse of only 3 simple steps that you can easily incorporate into your morning routine. To do the cleanse, do this:

1) Drink half a litre of room-warm lemon or lime water as soon as you wake up

Lemon water helps to safely flush out toxins that have accumulated in the body. Cleansing processes in the liver take place at night, during which time toxins begin to circulate in the body. In order to flush these same toxins out of the body, the body needs a sufficient amount of clean water first thing in the morning. Otherwise, the toxins released into the circulation at night cannot leave our bodies and become trapped again.

2) Wait 15-30 minutes and then drink half a litre of freshly squeezed celery juice

Drinking celery juice on an empty stomach further promotes the removal of toxins, viral particles and food debris left on the intestinal walls. Fresh celery juice is also rich in electrolytes and mineral salts, which our body desperately needs. In order for the celery juice to work in your body, wait 15-30 minutes before eating.

3) Once you have successfully completed the previous steps, it is time for a breakfast that supports cleansing

Various fresh fruits, berries, smoothies, juices and water-based gluten-free millet or oatmeal porridge with no added salt or fat are ideal for this.

When should you do a cleansing course?

If you are suffering from digestive problems, chronic illness, allergies, constant stress, fatigue, skin problems, difficulty concentrating or other factors that interfere with the quality of your life, then this is a sign that your body is in desperate need of a cleanse.

How long does a detox course take?

Body cleansing can last from 24 hours to several weeks. The average length of a detox is considered to be 10 days. However, the exact duration of the cleansing is up to you.

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