Healthy banana ice cream recipe

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Many already know this, but many still do not know … that you can make delicious healthy ice cream out of frozen bananas. So how to make banana ice cream?

Bananas must be peeled and cut into pieces. For example, 1 banana can be made into 4 pieces. Then put all these pieces in a box or freezer bag and then in the freezer. It would be good if the bananas could stand there overnight. It is also important that the bananas you freeze are ripe. You will recognize a ripe banana by the appearance of brown spots on the skin. The ripeness of the banana is very important when making banana ice cream because ripe bananas are much sweeter and everybody loves sweet ice cream.
So when the bananas are frozen, the some amount should be placed in a blender depending on how much ice cream you are making. It would be good to leave them to stand for 10 minutes so that the bananas can thaw a little before. Those who do not have the patience then take into account that bananas are hard to crush in a blender and there is a risk of the blender overheating.
A good and powerful blender is a very important factor in crushing frozen bananas. If the blender is already older and maybe not so powerful, you should be careful and let the bananas stand longer or add more liquid when making banana ice cream.
Once the bananas have melted a little, it’s time to add flavor and color to your ice cream. Bananas, cocoa, cinnamon, spirulina, freeze-dried fruit powders, etc. can be added. The possibilities are endless. A little liquid should also be added to make it easier to crush frozen bananas in a blender. Both water and vegetable milks can be used.

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If all the components are in a blender, they must be blended until the ice cream is ready. In addition, add various additives and enjoy! This healthy ice cream can even be eaten with the whole family for breakfast.