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Organic freeze-dried sunroot powder

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This freeze-dried Sunroot powder is wonderful for adding to a smoothie to increase the nutritional value. As it does not give a strong taste, it is convenient for adding to children’s porridge or smoothie. Helps to restore the intestinal microflora.


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Organic Freeze-Dried Sunroot Powder

Freeze-dried Sunroot powder, also known as Jerusalem artichoke, sunchoke, or earth apple, is an excellent choice for enhancing the nutritional value of your smoothies or other recipes. Despite its neutral taste, Sunroot offers numerous beneficial properties. Here’s a closer look at its features:

  1. Rich in Minerals: Sunroot is low in calories yet abundant in essential minerals. It provides potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium compounds, and B vitamins, all of which play crucial roles in maintaining optimal health.
  2. Inulin Content: The most significant substance in Sunroot is inulin, a water-soluble fiber. Inulin promotes the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats while enhancing the health of the intestinal microflora. As a partially non-digestible fiber, it aids in cleansing the intestines, reducing constipation, and eliminating cholesterol and toxins from the digestive system.
  3. Beneficial After Antibiotic Use: Sunroot is particularly valuable after taking antibiotics as it helps restore the balance of the intestinal microflora. By replenishing beneficial bacteria, the inulin in Sunroot supports a healthy gut environment.
  4. Blood Pressure Support: Sunroot may contribute to lowering blood pressure, making it beneficial for cardiovascular health. Additionally, its high potassium content is essential for maintaining overall heart health and reducing the risk of heart disease.
  5. Cholesterol Management: Consuming Sunroot may help lower cholesterol levels. Its fiber content, including inulin, helps regulate cholesterol absorption in the intestines, supporting healthy cholesterol levels.
  6. Source of Iron: Sunroot serves as a good source of iron, an essential mineral involved in oxygen transport throughout the body and energy production.
  7. High Protein Content: Sunroot boasts a higher protein content compared to most other vegetables. It is rich in sulfur-containing essential amino acids such as taurine, methionine, homocysteine, and cysteine. These amino acids are vital for maintaining connective tissue flexibility and supporting liver detoxification.

Incorporating freeze-dried Sunroot powder into your diet can provide you with these beneficial properties. Whether added to smoothies, baked goods, soups, or other recipes, Sunroot powder offers a convenient way to enjoy its nutritional advantages and contribute to overall well-being.

Storage Conditions

Keep the package at room temperature, protected from direct sunlight. Close the package properly after use. Texture may change upon exposure to moisture.

Centralsun Freeze-dried Sunroot powder is 100% pure and vegan. Free of additives, gluten, GMOs.

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